Student Evidence

The student work on this page represents a sampling from a larger group of students who participated in a project funded by the EPA as part of their Students Involved with Their Environment (S.I.T.E.) and administered by the Teaching and Research Institute, Western Oregon University. The project had students go out into local orchards and undeveloped land, plot points on a map using GPS and iPads, take soil and air temperature readings and graph out their data in math class. Students formed hypotheses as to what they expected to find in comparing the readings from orchards versus undeveloped land and to discuss those findings. Students were required to fill out paper (hard copy) forms and enter their data manually to both learn the "old fashion way," and to have a backup to their data. As it turns out, the iPads were wiped when the operating system was updated, so we were able to prove our point on backing up one's data! As you can see, collecting data requires attention to detail and organization. Because the students entered the coordinates for each location they collected data, we can return to those exact points to collect further comparison data.

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