District Goals

Mission Statement


Mission Statement -- Focused on learning and linking learning to life.


Goal #1   Powerful Teaching and Learning. Ensure that each student is a creative, accountable, and independent learner by combining high expectations with demonstrated growth, while leveraging technology and an aligned curriculum that is rigorous and relevant. Hire and retain engaged and highly qualified staff, providing them with the training and support necessary to inspire student success. 


Goal #2    Stewardship. Instill trust and engender public support through the planned, prudent and transparent use of district resources, driven always by a focus on student learning.


Goal #3    District culture and climate. Embrace a welcoming and collaborative school climate that encourages staff and student initiative, dynamic learning, a sense of community, and ethical decision-making, while promoting and valuing mutual respect, safety, health and our rural heritage.


Goal #4   College, Career, Life readiness. Facilitate varied pathways to prosperity through partnerships, mentoring, and use of district resources, equipping students with the life skills, knowledge, motivation, and tenacity to excel in post-secondary pursuits.


Goal #5   Creative and Innovative. Nurture passion and creativity, celebrate success, and foster hope. Cultivate and model self-advocacy, independent learning, and belief in self. Embrace and value diversity. Address barriers to learning, including poverty, through cultural awareness, professional development, and an intentional focus. Ensure that each student begins school ready to learn and transitions confidently through proactive assessment and early intervention.


Goal #6   Parent and Community Engagement. Engage our diverse community in partnerships that support families, learning at home, making educational decisions, and collaborations. Establish clear and consistent communication that unites all citizens around the principle that high quality public education is a community's most valuable asset.

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